steph + zach 6.27.09

let me start off by saying that i had previously shot steph & zach's e-session and knew these 2 had amazing chemistry, were full of life and extremely adorable.. well they really out did themselves at the wedding! they were married in scranton at the gorgeous country club of scranton. there is so much to talk about with this wedding... where oh where to start.... how about their adventurous spirit... steph and zach would do anything for a great picture, crawling thru ivy, pictures at the cemetary, running thru water fountains, playing on a jungle gym, climbing on tractors anything and everything was fair game and they were so much fun to photograph! this bride was not afraid of getting her dress dirty.. yay! now onto the bridal party... it was a very large group which can be tricky, but they were amazing and so full of life! the group took a red trolley thru town to various spots for photos were they danced {and a wee bit of dranking went on}... when i arrived at the reception i knew it would be an amazing wedding... details galore! vintage pepsi crates filled with grass served as place card holders, a candy buffet with treat bags on tables labeled things like "break me off a piece of that", tables were named after years the couple has been together {which is forever!} with photos of them from that time, a vintage photo booth, photos displayed with clothespins throughout, sunflowers as centerpieces and a great idea {which i have never seen before} disposable cameras placed on tables with a scavenger hunt list of photos to capture! {for instance get a pic of 2 men dancing together!} so much to capture... the toasts were amazing tear jerkers, the sunset was fabulous, the food delicious, the music and dancing did not stop with a live band {their favorite and a new fave for me too} "and the moneynotes" {which included a fiddle player!}, the ultimate $ dance {steph danced with everyone at the wedding} and an unforgettable garter exchange! this wedding was an exhilarating pleasure to shoot! i wish lots of love to s + z a couple truly meant to be!

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uncorked said...

you have outdone yourself this time- what a gorgeous wedding!