mariann + dan 5.29.15

what can i say about this one of a kind couple & one of a kind wedding! it was truly a day filled with adventure, laughter and love! mariann & dan were married at the bronx zoo {i know.. how cool!) the couple are both police officers, so we took a ride {a very fast one!} around harlem for some unique stops including a keith haring wall and a famous basketball court called rucker park! i got to hear all about their adventure stories as cops and it was so much fun - i pretended i was a cop too and felt like marge in fargo! the ceremony was held outside the rhino building - where actual rhinos live! this wedding was full of selfies and dan even whipped out his phone for a selfie during the ceremony and then we had the ultimate selfie post ceremony of all the guests! during the cocktail hour guests got to mingle with sea lions while eating mini sliders.. it was magical! the reception was travel themed and was filled with photos of all the places the couple has been, including africa {on a second date i believe!} hangover kits for guests to take home, a photo booth and some funny toasts made for a memorable evening for all! i love working with genuine people and these 2 are the real deal! congrats guys! xo

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