cassie + devin 4.27.14

the free spirited and adorable cassie + devin were married on a breezy sunday afternoon! the wedding was held at the enchanting mountain lakes house in princeton.. a small white house at the end of a long wooded road on a large lake - it was perfect! when i met cassie the morning of her wedding, she was wearing little mermaid leggings and from that moment on i knew it was going to be a fun day! a bhldn dress and mix matched dresses for the girls in peach and mint and bouquets made of old books with hidden treasures on cassie's bouquet. {her grandmother told me the story of the buffalo nickel attached that was her own as a child and passed on to the bride for her special day} devin and his brothers each wore tie pins with animals like a stag and bear. the ceremony was held on the lawn, where a chemistry experiment united the 2 of them with a chemical reaction! {an old school volcano with vintage beakers}the theme of the day was the fox and the cat which continued into their cake topper, programs and even their wedding bands. tablescapes included painted bottles + jars and felt pom poms stood in for traditional flowers! lots and i mean lots of dancing - this group knew every lyric to every song played {impressive}, home made vanilla extract for favors and breakfast was served for dinner.. what's not to love! 
a big congrats c + d!


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Phyllis said...

Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful and unique wedding. Just from the photos I can see all the love of your family and friends. What great memories you will have. God bless you both on your Journey together. With love, The Marinos