stephanie + pete engaged in coney island!

i could not have picked a better couple then stephanie + pete to kick off my wedding season! we met in coney island - a place i've never been and found inspiration, nostalgia and of course hot dogs! {i may have had 1 or 2}  the shoot took a rock n roll kind of vibe {it may have been stephanie's studded boots} but needless to say i had a blast finding great photo spots and chatting it up about their upcoming wedding this fall! think: vintage cameras as centerpieces, a chihuahua serving as ring bearer and phantom of the opera playing as stephanie makes her way down the aisle! counting down the hours to stephanie + pete's big day, i know it will be just as amazing and unique as these 2!

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Anonymous said...

Love these pictures! What a different way to approach their relationship!!! great find u guys!!! Very nice ! Perfect!!