jess + zach 7.7.12

{ready for a super duper long sneak peek?!}
the superbly unique wedding of jess & zach took place at maplestone inn - a delightful bed & breakfast in new paltz, ny! i met up with jess & zach the night before the big day to get some fun shots of them at their rehearsal dinner - where they had a beautiful alfresco dinner for a small group of family + friends at rock and rye tavern. the next day was full of surprises.. first the weather was calling for a 100 degree + day, then it started to rain, then it cleared up just in time for pictures and the ceremony {hallelujah!} i would describe this wedding as bohemian, meets farm style, meets handmade, meets amazing couple = best wedding ever! the girls wore various dresses in creams and off whites, some lace, some crochet.. all unique and so much fun! jess had on a vintage inspired rosey colored dress that was truly breathtaking and for accessories: a gold hair chain, handmade by her feather foot jewels and 2 necklaces - one was grandma's and the other a gift from zach! they met for a first look by the silo and both took eachother's breath away {it was a magical moment}. some more photos were taken around the property including a barn, a field of wild flowers and under a weeping willow. soon guests gathered among wood benches {made by jess!} which were covered in rag rugs, fans and programs. a favorite of mine was a spot for guests to add to the couple's hand fastening rope all while sending a small wish out to the universe for their new life together! jess was walked up the aisle by mom and flowers were placed in the neighboring stream to remember lost loved ones, honey was also given to guests as a reminder of something sweet from the day! the reception was decorated with soda crates filled with fern and vintage postcards, a table was set with grandma's typewriter for guests to leave a note and a cotton sign hung proclaiming peace, love and roxie {their dog!}. guests were treated to fresh avocados in cotton bags grown in florida by family and a rainbow of plates held each person's place along farm style tables in the barn also mason jar mugs had tags with each person's name and a hand done drawing representing them - all by zach! a highlight of the night was when toasts were up and jess's mom finished hers and then began to sing, she was then joined by more people in the barn, who each stood up and belted out their part, it was a complete surprise to the couple and truly touching to watch! by the time the evening was winding down, pies {12 total - all made by family} were served and each had a funny story on where the pie came from or a fact about their main ingredient.. so much fun! i can't say enough wonderful things about this couple and why their wedding was so special, except.. they are and it was and that is all! it felt like a gift to be there! congrats j + z! xo


Bev O'Brien said...

Beautiful Bride, Handsome groom. I love the one of father and son getting dressed! And mom looking way wup at son! Beth, your outfit was perfect!! Looks like more fun than any wedding I've been to! Wishes for a happy life to bride and groom. Bev O'Brien

Sean and Patty Innkeepers MapleStone Inn said...

WOW! Fantastic photos, Kella - Great job capturing the wonderful vibe created by Jess, Zach and all their friends and family at this country wedding. Jess, we loved everything your did and how beautiful you made the barn. Congratulations to you both and let this be the start of a long and happy journey together. Come back and see us again and again!