suburban camping company {tents are here!}

so.. i've posted before about my mister's business - suburban camping company and we have been very busy campers! not only do we set up campouts in your backyard, for your wedding, summer party, yoga retreat or anything else you can think up {sky's the limit}.. we now have our own line of tents up for grabs! super fun colored canvas in orange, blue and tan with a nostalgic feel, but also comfy and modern. campers now have the opportunity to camp year after year in their backyard, favorite park or at music festivals! each tent comes with all the things you need to set up your suburban campsite, then head over to suburban camp supply for all your vintage decor.. this is the best part, making it your own, making it one of a kind! on a wedding note our tents are a super cool alternative to traditional bachelorette parties or honeymoons {we can even put a full side bed in these babies!} they also offer a great place to relax during an outdoor wedding.. i'm thinking candy or pie tent! check us out!

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Catherine Ivins said...

they are total awesomeness - LOVE THEM!!!