morgan + kevin 5.18.12

what do you get when you mix a puppeteer, baby bump, actor and pink dress, well.. perfection! i was invited to capture morgan & kevin's intimate ceremony and photos on friday afternoon in rumson. the most beautiful presbyterian church with stained glass and wood shingled interior was the setting for such sweet nuptials.. musicians, a reading by kevin's sister and a song by morgan's brother made the 20 minute ceremony so special. kevin could not keep his eyes of morgan and there was not a dry eye in sight, it was magic! the ceremony was followed by lots of lavender thrown and even some red foam noses made an appearance for a guest picture! the church basement made for great shots of this fun couple and there was even a puppet theater.. so fitting! the couple then boarded a boat for a cruise on a picture perfect evening and they continued their celebration at bahr's restaurant in the highlands! a short time was spent with this couple, but the love was overwhelming and i wish m + k plus baby too nothing but the best life has to offer! xo

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