erica + rob 8.6.11

the extra sweet with a cherry on top erica & rob were married at erica's childhood home on early saturday morning! the ceremony took place in her backyard: beautifully decorated with paper pom poms, parasols and perrier! the homespun charm of this wedding was clear from the moment i walked in the door.. i was completely enthralled with erica's bedroom.. etsy and anthropologie eye candy everywhere and speaking of candy, pink was the color, cotton candy pink, erica wore a just below the knee pink chiffon dress! fan programs, save the dates to look like mini lps and a pink bouquet with erica's dads ring tied in between the petals were all so perfectly put together. and this was not your traditional couple {as you may have noticed}.. they chose to get ready together, love that! e + r are equally in love with the beatles which made a healthy presence at the ceremony with a "love is all you need" banner. a record player serenaded the guests and during a very sweet moment after the kiss.. it would not play, so rob ran up to the deck to get it started for a proper recessional for his sweetheart! {it actually melted in the heat!} the couple also planted a tree under the streamers of ribbons and a poem was recited during the short ceremony. an ice cream cart kept the guests cool, although i think erica may have polished off 3 strawberry shortcake bars {all in the name of pretty pictures of course! ha!} the brunch reception was hosted @ the madison grill in the fabulous town of hoboken, where fritattas, french toast and cupcakes {plus much more..} was served. flowers in mason jars tied with lace and seed bombs {awesome} were favors! potted plants with copper plant tags served as seating arrangements and a custom drawing of a couple on a tandem bicycle was on display for guests to leave their thumbprints! a perfect pairing of diy details and a truly in love couple made for the most perfect day! congrats to you both and enjoy london! xo {p.s. they even got me the best gift ever.. awkward family photos - the book.. so funny!}
{p.s.s. rob is a photo retoucher for martha stewart.. so if you are reading this martha.. hello!}


pat furey said...

you shoot such awesome weddings! killed it as usual. so unique.

kella said...

thanks pat! i do get all the awesome weddings, this is true!

Catherine Ivins said...

love this beautiful, authentic homemade wedding- just gorgeous!! wonderful job as always Kella