alexis + rich 7.22.11

my very beautiful friends alexis & rich eloped in a short and sweet {plus hot} ceremony on manasquan beach on friday night! among close family & friends the 2 shared their vows at a beautiful spot in front of the jetties. a super laid back couple, alexis got her dress @ a local surf shop! {how cool is that!} bubbles were blown to celebrate their first kiss and the party continued afterwards for dinner! i wish them nothing but amazing things to come! congrats guys! p.s. alexis is a fellow photog.. check her out!


Lex said...

Kella once again, did a remarkable job! As I told Kella before, I waited my entire life for this moment, (not for the big white wedding, but for Kella to be my photographer!!) LOL jk Husband ;-) Fabulous, fabulous job!! As always Kella, YOU ARE THE BEST! xoxoxo Thanks SO MUCH!!!

-Alexis & Rich

Mary Salerno said...

The pictures are just wonderful, so many moments captured forever you did a fantastic job, I would like to order some copies, Love Aunt Mary