alexis + bill are engaged!

i met the awesome alexis {hilary awank in disguise?!} and bill for an hour of shooting pics around their city - philly! their apartment building was right in the middle of a beautiful park, so we got some great shots of all the blooming surroundings and then took a walk around the heart of philadelphia. plenty of historic buildings, nooks and crannies and even ended the session with a trip to their rooftop deck! what a view! the couple is set for a wedding next may at an historic mansion and i know it will be beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! These photos not only capture your great style and shared beauty as a couple, but they radiate such a warmness between you. A wonderful, light kind of love! It's nearly impossible to pick a favorite, but I love the first tree picture with arms around you - the tree photos before the Vanity Fair style park bench shot : ) Thanks for sharing.
Enjoy these wonderful days! Lots of love, Sunday