jen, ed and bruce are blowing up the internet!

it's official this e-shoot has become an internet sensation and will make history! jen, ed and bruce are viral! they are even on the VH1 site! and i have to laught at what this writer has to say.. even if he is poking fun at me a bit! check it out!

we are perez hilton!

a feature on nj bride!

love this one's heading

this one too!


Feuza said...

that is so so so so awesome!!!
and the PR is very cool too

Adia Photography said...

You are not some, "... lame photographer our parents made us hire...", type of photographer! Did he look at your work! haha

Catherine Ivins said...

Crazy! I think you guys upstaged Bruce on his b-day!

Dennis Pike said...

I had on the news this morning, CBS 2 out of NYC, and they started speaking about an enegagement photoshoot on the Jersey shore. Being a Jersey wedding photographer myself, my ears certainly perked up. They told the story, showed your photo, commented on how nice the light was... BUT, never said your name! I was super bummed, that was the most interesting part as far as I was concerned. Luckily, some photographer friends in an online forum pointed me in the right direction. Well done, and congrats... I bet your site is blowing up right now!