bri + carlos 9.26.09

the very unique wedding of bri and carlos started at their amazing home in philly! from the moment i walked into their brightly painted home i knew that if the wedding was half as brilliant and fun as their home, it would be a once in a lifetime day! needless to say, the day did not disappoint! from bri's amazing dress, jewelry and shoes to the mixed bouquets with fluttering butterflies, the details were perfect! bri and carlos also chose to get ready together, such a unique and special way to prepare for their wedding! they ate tamales in the morning a mexican tradition and greeted one another in the living room, once bri was ready! from there we headed to the eastern state penitentiary, that's right a prison for some amazing pics! the couple is friend's with the director of the esp program who was kind enough to give us a backstage tour! {something I have been told is very rare, making these pics and the experience even more special!} we all risked life and limb, I was sweating, and bri and carlos, obviously much braver than me were up for anything, walking on catwalks, over glass and braving the thick layer of dust and peeling paint! we then went to a fabulous mexican mural and then onto the magic gardens, which were truly magical! what a place to get married! a folk art haven of quirky and brilliant artist Isaiah Zagar! who even came out to greet the couple!
guests were invited to come early and explore the space which was mind boggling.. you could spend all day finding new things! truly an inspirational journey thru the eyes of this artist and what an inspiring way to start your life together... a mariachi band serenaded guests and played during the ceremony and cocktail hour too... and these guys were authentic, belt buckle, tight pants, big voices and all! the ceremony consisted of translators for the spanish guests, the couple reciting their own vows to one another and the release of butterflies at the end of the ceremony! the reception was held at the society hill dance academy, where traditional paper flags {a gift from carlos' parents} hung throughout the space, chocolate bars in personalized wrappers and the butterfly theme continued... food was buffet style and it was delicious, great toasts, a face painter and the highlight of the reception- amazing salsa dancing by the couple, i mean amazing! these 2 were born to dance together! more than a wedding, a true adventure in love and i'm so happy to have been a part of it! congrats b + c!


Brandi said...

Wow, wow, wow. What an incredible wedding. I can imagine how excited you were to shoot this. They look like fun!!Great photos as always.

Amy said...

Wow, my 16 year old daughter and I are hobby photographers who were given your web address from the father of this bride (Bri), I knew him when I was a little kid and he's old friends with my parents. We were just sitting here with our mouths open- amazed...absolutely spectacular photos!! You have inspired us!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos Kella! You really captured every detail and color that made the day bright and energetic. I love it! Please let me know if we can have some photos for the cHill Weddings blog- I can't wait to blog about Bri and Carlos' wedding!