some wedding inspiration 4.1.09

so i though it would be fun to put together some ideas for my wedding - if i had to do it over again- with the same hubby of course! it's funny because it looks very much like my actual wedding! i had cupcakes and a simple dress, the girls wore anthropologie skirts and i got married at prallsville mill!

1. jcrew
2. the b-line
3. prallsville mill
4. night owl paper goods
5. anthropologie
6. flickr
7. live wire farm
8. martha stewart
9. anthropologie
10. anthropologie
11. martha stewart
12. martha stewart
13. converse


uncorked said...

great ideas kella - now does this place have air conditioning....

Kella MacPhee Photojournalist said...

air conditioning was installed 1 year after my wedding!