xmas party, recycling and pictionary madness!

so over the weekend we had a christmas party! it was a blast... lots of food, including a homemade pork loin made with lots of love and ingredients {by chris}, homemade pumpkin pie, crab dip by jen, spinach dip by melissa and so much more! we have enough leftovers for 2 more parties! yikes! we all played pictionary {gals vs. guys} and it was awesome! we will never ever have a party again where screaming over one another is not an essential part of the game! we were even able to have a fire pit outside in the snow! we also did a $10 present exchange, lots of fun gifts were given and received like venus fly traps, moustache disguise kits, juggling balls and handmade earrings... so besides the party i had decided to to do all recycled packaging this year.. cereal boxes instead of shirt boxes, {even used a ronzoni pasta box and swiss mix box} magazines pages sewn together replacing the wasteful wrap... well this lasted for about a dozen or so presents {hours of work}.. so i bit off more than i could chew... i gave in to the shiny wrapping paper and we wrapped the rest the ol' traditional way : ) a thoughtful venture but too much of a commitment during this busy time of year! happy holidays all!

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Yuka photo art said...

Happy holidays!!!!I hope your holiday season is filled with joy