monika + jonathan have a hangover! 10.26.08

so i got to shoot my very first hangover with 2 amazing people monika + jonathan! we had been trying to arrange an e-shoot for months and after they got married they decided on a hangover! it was truly an amazing experience! they were such great sports! i have to admit it took some time to get adjusted to not caring too much about the dress and worrying about keeping it clean and dry etc.. monika wore these great strappy red shoes and her dress was perfect! we had a very mild day and the ocean was actually pretty warm so monika decided to get in and it was so worth it! anyone thinking about doing this- should!it was so much fun and the couple now has these really romatic + un-traditonal wedding pics! thanks so much m + j for being such perfect models!


Monika said...

These pictures are spectacular. We both had so much fun and we want to thank you for your time and mor importantly your talent. Can't wait to use you for
'the next event'!!!

Amanda Rose said...

These are some of the most amazing photographs I have ever seen. I love the shots of Monika in the ocean with her dress! Those might be my favourite!