my birthday part 2!

so yesterday I posted some cool birthday gift ideas and today thought I'd share what I received!

no.1 vintage 8mm movie camera {those really cool ones used to make all the old family movies}
no.2 vintage projector {the film is developed and put on reels, so you throw up a sheet and project the movie on your wall}
no.3 skateboard earrings {made with recycled skateboard decks}
no.4 biz card wallet
no.5 salvaged wood earrings
no.6 personalized thank you notes {love cute thank you cards}
no.7 anthropologie bag {can never have enough cool bags}
no.8 ready made book {shows you how to make anything + everything from recycled materials}
no.8 you can even make a martini glass bird feeder {you'll definitely be seeing this in my yard very soon}

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