brooke + larry 9.14.08

brooke + larry were married on a "hot" sunday night at stirling ridge! the couple was great and pushed thru the high temps to get some really fun shots.. including some involving a big yellow school bus.. so cool! the wedding was absolutely stunning, the colors were orange and brown and the feel was rustic + elegant! the venue was amazing, exposed beams, fun modern furniture, candles everywhere, stone walls... gorgeous place to shoot! i can't say enough about the details that b + l put into their day... seating cards with guests' names each in a unique font, oranges in glass vases as centerpieces, beautiful menus and programs.. a wedding straight from the pages of a magazine! they even hired a painter to capture the scene of the wedding as people danced throughout the night! they ended the night with smores, with marshmallows guests roasted themselves and goodie bags with a bagel + muffin for the next morning {or drive home, which is when I gobbled down mine} so glad I was able to be part of this beautiful day! congrats b + l!


Anonymous said...

beautiful wedding pics!!

this too will pass said...


just passing through; these are great


wenaxelrod said...

Knowing that Brooke and Larry created the million personal touches to ensure a most memorable wedding, it is wonderful to see these photos capture this unique and extraordinary celebration.