Spotlight on Me!

BluDomain...the awesome website company that I've been working with chose me to do a spotlight on this week. Check it out click on their blog! The post is below:

Jersey's Kella Macphee

Who's That Girl???

My name... Kella MacPhee
Where I live... The Jersey Shore
My style... Modern, Candid, Fresh
My website .... and

The piece of equipment I can't part with...My fish eye lens!

The album company I use...Art Leather, Kolo, Asuka etc...I love variety!

A website I visit often... The WPJA for inspiration and Anthropologie for the best clothes!

One thing I do daily for my business...I’m constantly on the look out for new trends…my goal is to stay current.

What I charge for an 8x10...not much…$15 bucks

3 things you'll find on my desk...a stack of Rangefinder Magazines, my brand new imac that I love and yellow post it notes with reminders stuck all over!

Something you must have in every be successful you have to find what you love. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

Something I always have with me during a photo shoot...a pack of doublemint gum, business cards and extra batteries.

If I could have someone shoot a portrait of me if would be ...definitely Jessica Claire…I love how fresh her photos are!

A challenge I face in my company...I would say making my couples happy and still having a profitable business. I don’t want to charge $40 bucks for an 8x10!

If not a photographer I would have been a… Well, I’ve definitely found what I love to do… being an entrepreneur is my thing so maybe a boutique owner!

What do you think happens to you when you die...I hope to come back as something cool…like a dolphin or hummingbird!

What's your drink...water with lotsa lemon

Something always in my purse...coconut flavored chapstick and my point and shoot.

What I ate for breakfast..dark chocolate carnation instant breakfast and wheat toast with grape jelly...yum

Something I must have for Summer...cute flip flops, a new frilly dress(maybe from Anthropologie..a girl can dream) and some new dangly earrings…I can’t have enough of them.

I'm annoyed by...telemarketers!

Something I love to indulge in...croissants...I indulge often!

Shower or bath...A super long shower…I’ll stay in until the water runs cold or my fingers prune up!

A favorite beauty product of mine...I love Benefit Hoola bronzer…I use it year round and Philosophy products like Baby Grace Perfume and Hope in a Jar.

If I needed therapy it would be dog… Ruby, I love her but she needs a little one on one time to sort out her feelings about other dogs!

I'm happiest when...the sun starts to set…

If they made a movie about my life, it would be...a comedy for sure!

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scott neumyer said...

Congrats, Kella!

Whereabouts in NJ are you? I'm in Central, NJ (East Brunswick to be exact) but we vacation every summer in Stone Harbor. :)